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i love how the ancestor of the modern housecat (the middle eastern wildcat) literally just looks like an angry tabby with more leg

we domesticated dogs because they wete useful but we domesticated cats because theyre beautiful.

we domesticated them because they eat disease-causing vermin

cats domesticated themselves because it’s easier than living alone

haha schooled losers

me: cats arent domesticated

It’s more fair to say cats domesticated humans. Generally we used them for pest control through out history as well as used them as cuddly pets. Cats who moved into early human settlements gets a lot more from just being around us.

-we worked like guard dogs. Where we were, larger predators were not. Not only did this increase the cat’s food supply from lack of competition but it kept kittens safe while mom hunted, a luxury not afforded in the wild.

-we were a food source. Mice, rats, and other rodents are great at hiding in the wild. They are much less good at hiding on clear ground or well lit granaries. So the dumb littler prey animals flocked to the early humans who gathered up their staple grains in big hard to seal silos. This was a buffet to cats. During lean times like winter, early humans were happy to toss their scraps and bones to the cute little predator who shared their space.

-humans provided ear scratches, very important.

-humans are waste disposal units. humans don’t like poop or hair balls and rotting bones just sit around. We are great at making dry buildings that keep the worst of nature at bay. Very comfy living space for kitty.

-They have learned to talk to us. Adult cats don’t meow at each other…. but they do meow at us. One of the only animals that have learned human only noises, they have learned that meowing gets our attention and makes us do things. Like work the can opener. Meow is less a greeting and more of a “high ho silver, lets get moving”.

“Humans provide ear scratches, very important” – I’m pretty sure that is the only reason my three keep me around…

I would like to point out that these were not the only cats domesticated. Just the only ones still domesticated today.

Farmers in China domesticated Asian Leopard Cats 5,000 Years Ago

Multiple people had the same idea.

leggy cat

honestly I could talk about cat domestication all day, but this is fairly accurate.

Cat domestication coincides almost perfectly with the invention of agriculture, because grain stores attracted rodents to human settlements, and cats were just like this seems easier than hunting in the damn desert.

Early man saw wolves and were like, I want that, and thus we have dogs. Cats saw early man and was like, that seems easier than hunting, and thus we have house cats.