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“Envision Arabian Show Horses”
This is how Mr Benjamin Bogart and Mr Michael Platzer treat the horses in their care. No hay, no food, no water.

Thank you to the Arabian horse community for pulling together so quickly and getting these horses out of there. They are ALL now safe, being fed watered and loved.

Mr Benjamin Bogart has fled the country and headed to Kuwait, where he is employed by Mr Mohammed Al-Sahhaf, who in turn says the actions of Benjamin Bogart is “not his problem” – an unbelievable attitude and a worrying time for all involved in the case, at the thought of this being possibly allowed to happen once more.

PLEASE donate to the care of these horses here:

Just a reminder, as the filth that is Benjamin Bogart has been given a job in AUSTRALIA for the upcoming 2018/19 season by the “delightful” Mathew Haddow – MA Arabians International and San Ella Arabians.

To the horses that have suffered at the hands of Benjamin: we will always stand up for you and never forget what he has done.

To those in Australia: Don’t send your horses into training with Mathew, and certainly don’t give Benjamin your horse as a catch lead. Just because someone else may be in charge of the feeding routine, doesn’t mean your horses won’t instead be mentally scarred. Lack of food isn’t the only way Benjamin likes to abuse his horses. 

More of what Benjamin has done below.

FYI a hearing has been set for this piece of shit and the outcome will be released by end of September 2018. Please don’t forget about this, people. As so many have done already.

^ I saw this comment and just had to name and shame. Diabolical.